Friday, 22 July 2011

New 8 x 8 inch Affordable Paintings.

In times of recession, I have decided to produce some smaller unframed work that is more affordable than the larger framed work I normally do. I am really enjoying working on these small box canvases and have already sold several before they have been exhibited anywhere.

The first planned exhibition will  be at Art in the Gardens in Sheffield from 2nd to 4th September when there will be lots more of these miniatures that I think make ideal fairly inexpensive gifts for special friends and family.  (aren't all our friends special ;-) )

For more information about these paintings, visit my  Facebook page. 

Friday, 8 July 2011

Work delivered to Harrison Lord Gallery. Brighouse in Yorkshire.

I was asked to take some  of my work up to Harrison Ford Gallery in Brighouse. Having seen my work on my website, I was asked for a selection of Landscape, Moorland, Lakes and Mountain pictures to go in a mixed exhibition. Steven, (the owner) didn't want to risk seascapes (at this time)  as Brighouse is as  landlocked as Derbyshire. Perhaps he'll take some next time. ;-)
Access to the gallery was easy and I managed to park right outside, which was fortunate because it was pouring with rain...  Steven even helped me to unload my car while his assistant katie, made us some coffee.

We took the paintings out of the 'Stiffy Bags' (much better than bubble wrap) and arranged them around the gallery. Stephen was joined by two other assistants who helped him select 8 paintings from the 18 I took. He wanted to take more, but in a mixed show, space is at a premium. I haven't shown with the Harrison Lord Gallery before so I was happy for him to take 8 including two of the largest on offer.




Moorland Walk


Summer Colours

Thistle Down the Winds

Wild Flowers


Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Demo Painting

I found a 100 x 100cms painting of St Anthony's Head, Cornwall that had been damaged. So I decided to use it when I teach workshops to demonstrate various techniques. I call it my 'Demo Canvas'.

Firstly I inverted the picture, using the large smooth sky area as the sea. 
I then applied Golden Acrylic with a printing roller to ceat an interesting texture surface on the smooth canvas. I love the way the colours merge when using a roller.

I added Cornish beach sand and Scrimms to create texture at the bottom.

In another workshop, I re painted the sea and added more Gyllyngvase Sand to the right hand side to create a beach and rocky area.

Showed various techniques of pouring, flicking and throwing inks and paint. Sometimes with the canvas flat on the floor and sometimes on my easel, on it's side to let gravity  allow runs to create suggested waves etc.

The painting is far from finished although I quite like the sky (done with a knife) so that may stay as it is... for the moment. :-) 

My Demo Painting

I recently  found a 100 x 100cms painting of St Anthony's Head, Cornwall that had been damaged in transport. So I decided to use it for teaching purposes at my workshops... I call it my 'Demo Canvas'. No idea if and when it will be completed as I keep changing it.  
First thing I did was turn it upside down. I wanted to use the same horizon line but used the large smooth sky as the sea.... 

I started by playing with an ink roller, applying Golden Acrylic over the whole canvas. I love the way that the colours merge when applied with roller... This gave the whole canvas a slight texture... 
I used a knife to create the sky and  then various other techniques, pouring, throwing, flicking etc to do the sea... adding sand from Gyllyngvase Beach and scrimms to create other interesting textures. 

In the next demo, I  added  more sand, to create a beach and rocky effect up the right hand side of the painting. Then I showed how acrylic inks and paint can be used to create light and suggest waves on rocks...   The painting is NOT finished  and will probably change again. Particularly the water where there is still much to do.  I'm quite happy with the sky... For the moment. :-) 

In these times of recession I am having to cut back on the number of paintings I am having framed. Even though I have a good relationship with my framer, I need to cut costs.  I decided it was time to work on a few box canvases that do not require framing.  I bought  2 cartons of 20 x 20 cms canvases  and am  really enjoying experimenting producing work that can be sold at a very  affordable price.  These will be for sale at  'Art in the Gardens' at Sheffields Botanical Gardens on 2nd 3rd and 4th September. (unless anyone sees some they like before then) I will put them on my Blog, Facebook and my website. as I complete them.

Watch this space.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The Life of a Painting.

In these times of recession I am having to cut back on the number of paintings I am having framed.  I decided it was time to work on a few box canvases that do not require framing.(Like i worked on when  first started painting seriously 8 years ago)  I bought  2 cartons of 8 x 8 inches  and have really enjoyed producing a group of paintings that can be sold at a very reasonable and affordable price.