Thursday, 5 July 2012

Colour and Texture in Landscape, Pear Tree Farm

Six art students and one walker came to work with me at  Pear Tree Farm, Lea, Derbyshire,  for a three day painting holiday...Despite the fact that it rained every day, making it impossible to work outside  a good time was had by all.  The experimental work produced in the studio was full of wonderful colour and textures which was the main them for this three day course. All students had some experience of painting with watercolour and some had used acrylics but non had worked using  mixed media, sand, collage, and had never flicked, thrown and poured paint before. By the end of the third day, everyone had really 'loosened up' and had produced several pieces of work that they could be proud of....

A very special thanks must go to Sue and Alan Barber who made everyone so welcome.  Bed, breakfast, lunch and evening meal were as good as many hotels charging double the price. . Real 5 star Food and 5 Star treatment.

Here is some of the work (some not finished) produced over the three days.