Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone.

OOOOps my back went, (doing nothing more strenuous than leaning over the bath) the day after Boxing Day and so JC looked like 'Badly Drawn Man' for a week.  Fortunately by the time the Osteopath was open for business on Januray 3rd, I was a little more mobile, apart from having 'the bug' (some may call it man flu) which I think I  caught when  Santa met 350 children pre xmas. Although I didn't manage to paint for 2 weeks, the positive side was I read more books in that time than I have for the past 2 years. AND only 2 of them had pictures. David Attenboroughs ' Frozen Planet' is well worth a look at. As one reads it, one can hear his voice. 

Wow, its 24th January already.... Already got dates to deliver work to Gallery 55 in Hampshire (changed name from Strawberry Fish) and working hard to get ready for my Solo show throughout April  at Leabrooks Gallery in Derbyshire and the Reading Arts Fair at the end of April. Seems a long time away doesn't it, but I am also due for a change over at OCG in Ambleside and St Johns Street Gallery in Ashbourne. It's good to give galleries new work as Spring approaches. (Not had winter yet have we)

I am still working on the 'Woodland Light' body of work and am due at the framers at the weekend. I have wide selection of sizes of framed and unframed canvas as well as some work on paper  under glass. It looks like the first showing of Woodland Light will be at Gallery 55 in Hampshire from 1st March...