Thursday, 8 September 2011

Some of the Autumn work going to OCG

I'm going to Cornwall for the weekend to deliver and pick up work... It's not a good weather  forecast  but I'm taking my paints anyway and hope to capture some Cornish light. ;-) The car is packed and I'm ready to  go..... better get some sleep as I'll be setting off about 4am Friday... Full Monty breakfast in Launceston. 

Going to OCG in Ambleside next week and will take a group of  paintings all produced in similar autumnal colour palette..

As I may not be going up there again before xmas, I will also take some of my winter work that they may use in the December mixed show. 

Monday, 5 September 2011

A busy start to September. :-)

Just had a good weekend at  Sheffields  'Art in the Gardens'. I was very busy chatting to visitors, selling hundreds of cards and  most of my small 8 x 8 inch affordable canvases and a large " Scilly Painting'. It was good meeting so many new faces in Sheffield and I have already been booked for several workshops and Demo's, some one to one tuition  and  accepted 3 commissions...
The start of September is pretty busy with visits to Ambleside,  Cornwall and Hampshire all within the next 10 days. I will be delivering new work  but will also have my paints, sketchbook and canvas with me    to capture the light. :-)
I am not wishing my time away, but I am really looking forward to my next visit to the New Forest when I will continue with my 'Woodland Light' project capturing the Autumn Light and expected blaze of colour that the New Forest is so famous for. I have even bought a bigger tent for the trip. Those of you who have read earlier Blogs will  have seen the 'action man tent'  I used in June. It was even too small for ME and I'm errrrrrrrrrrrrr  'Fairly vertically challenged'.......... ie. A bloody short arse. -)
Talking of being vertically challenged, Alice measured me last week and I am now officially 1.5 inches shorter than I was 5 years ago....and exactly 12 inches shorter than Alices boyfriend Ray. I wonder if it's my age or just the need for a visit to my osteopath who will 'straighten me out' .