Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Visit to Calder Gallery, Hebden Bridge.

I have just returned from another mini  road trip. 500 miles in 2 days. Reading yesterday, Leeds, Hebden Bridge and Cromford today. It was a lovely sunny day and I wanted to be out painting rather than sit in traffic on the M62.  Here are the nine paintings that  can be seen at Calder Gallery Hebden Bridge.

Apple Blossom Time

Apple Blossom

Cherry Orchard

Katies Wood

Spring Blossom

Sheerwood Green

Spring Colour

Thistle Down the Wind

Wild Flowers

Don't forget my solo show throughout April at Leabrooks  Gallery, Somercotes, Derbyshire. Over 40 paintings from the 'Woodland Light' body of work. If you happen to be in or around Reading at the end of April, why not stop by for a chat at Reading Arts Fair. It would be good to see you there ;-)

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Don't Stand in the Green Bin.

I find myself having a little more time to sit and update my Blog. Because I just fell out of the Green Bin... LOL.  I shouldn't laugh really because at 11am this morning my face went white, then yellow and green and back to white again. I had been cutting back shrubs in the garden and the green bin was full of twigs etc. So I decided to stand inside it and squash it all down. Climbing out of the bin was my mistake. I should  have known better. It was a green WHEELIE BIN..... and things with wheels tend to move, especially when the  drive is on a slope...  I fell back. Or should I say, I fell onto my back, smashing my right hand and elbow and back of my head.... OUCH.... Nothing broken, slightly concussed, slight whiplash in neck and a lots of grit to pick out of my elbow. MY fault entirely... so if there are any 'predatory compo solicitors reading this, DON'T call me.  The good news is that my new Iphone 4s which was in my pocket escaped unharmed. 

I digressed... Isn't this Blog meant to be about my art? Well. I suppose my right hand and arm are something to do with my painting. Both hurt, but neither broken.... so Ill be back in my studio tomorrow. In the meantime, just thought I would add a few more winter woodland paintings completed this week. This weeks full moon providing some of the inspiration.

Full Moon Tonight

Night Falling

Old Wood

Friday, 2 March 2012

Winter Woodland

Having been back to the New Forest last week, I decided to try and capture the woods in their 'Nakedness'. I was only there for an hour  so I  did a few sketches and took lots of photos to work on back in my studio.

These are the first two paintings inspired by my recent visit,  completed this week.