Monday, 21 October 2013

Progress with my Hands.

Several friends have enquired about my hands and are wondering how I continue to use acrylic paint. I saw a naturopath, Malcolm Diamond, in the summer who told me that all the creams I was using would never help. He put me on a strict Detox Diet which I have been on for 8 weeks. My hands got worse at first and the photo shows them 4 weeks ago and now. As you will see there has been a massive improvement. I will continue with the Alkaline Diet and also use Derma Shield Barrier Cream  as I paint. If I don't need my 'flicky finger' then I am also able to wear some vinyl gloves which have a 
cotton lining. Cross fingers they continue to improve.

Friday, 18 October 2013

VERY Busy October.

Its only just over half way through October but I have decided to write my Blog now. I have delivered 20 new paintings to No Naked Walls in Bramley, Surrey,  for a joint show I am having with Louise Fairchild. I now have over 40 paintings on show in No Naked Walls  Chertsey and Bramley, so if you are in Surrey why not call in and have a look.

My solo show 'Land Sea and Sky' at St Johns Street Gallery Ashbourne opened Thursday 10th and I am pleased to hear of three sales in the first weekend. Hopefully  more on the way. :-)

I also delivered work to Lyndhurst Gallery for the Autumn Show which opened on the 19th October.
Most of the work that I took was painted in Whitley Woods or Hollands Wood in The New Forest.

I am now working hard to produce  more work to take to Windsor Art Fair in three weeks time.

Having now been on my detox diet for 6 weeks, I am pleased to say that my hands are much better and almost look normal. I still need to be careful not to get too much acrylic ink or paint on my fingers though. An Added bonus of being on the diet is that I have lost over a stone in weight.  The Alkaline diet is, Dairy free,  wheat free,  caffeine free, gluten free, red meat free, alcohol free (ish)... Basically if its green, I can eat it. :-) The diet  seems to be working considerably better than the dozens of creams and ointments I have tried in the past,  so I will stick with it at least for another 6 weeks.  

Temp studio in Whitley Woods, New Forest.

These are the paintings recently delivered to  Lyndhurst Gallery.