Sunday, 1 December 2013

A busy November

Wow,  I have been so busy since the end of October and throughout November.
October  ended with a workshop with The Ashby Guild of Artists. Had a really fun day with some very talented artists. At this point I MUST remind myself to be much more organised when I take photos of the groups work. The following photos are just a small sample of the stunning work that this group produced. I am really looking forward to working with Ashby artists again when I will be doing a workshop on Trees and Forests. (date to be confirmed) 

Here are some of the paintings produced during the workshop with Ashby Guild of Artists.
The first painting was my Demo painting and is now framed and for sale. 

DEMO Painting.

Students working through the lunch break.

In the first weekend of November I went to the Windsor Art Fair where I had a few  very good sales and a large commission. I was very pleased with the way my stand looked and really enjoyed meeting lots of new people and of course meeting up with other artists who also do the 'art fair circuit'  

Here's a few photos of my stand at Windsor.  

One of the highlights of my month was working with the a little boy called Casey. I was  looking after him one evening while his Mum worked. We decided to go into my studio and paint. 
We did a seaside painting and a Bonfire Night picture. Needless to say, there was lots of flicking throwing and splashing of paint...    

My Holiday in Cornwall by Casey Kirby.

THE highlight of my month has to be my daughter Alice's graduation at Sheffield City Hall.
The photo is of one VERY proud dad with Alice Connolly BA. (BA in English)

On the 23rd of November I decided to have a  'Christmas Studio Clearance Sale'... Although I have over 120 paintings in galleries around the country, I still have over 200 more paintings in storage in my studio.. Some of which have been around for quite a while and now taking up valuable space needed for the new work.

So far the sale has gone well and I have been very busy these last two days delivering commissions to  Windsor and St Albans and then work from my sale to Preston, Wigan and Halifax.  A 560  mile road trip..  It was lovely to meet the new owners of the work and see where it's going to be hung. Some of the work delivered was under glass, so I didn't want to risk sending it via courier who do not always respect the 'Fragile, Handle with Care' labels plastered across the parcel. 

Here's some of the work sold in November  and  delivered in the past two days.

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