Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Where did summer go? I went to Falmouth for two weeks intending to paint from sunrise (the ever changing light on the water is amazing) and then spend the rest of the day chilling with Sally and Alice when she joined us half way through the second week.
I managed to paint 'some' mornings when it wasn't raining.... and if it rained, I sat in the car down near Custom House Key, sketching and watching a film crew set up for the day. Brad Pitt was in town making a WW2 Zombie movie and part of the film set was a Royal Navy battle ship which just happened to be 'parked' in Falmouth Harbour.

During a break from filming,  Brad was unable to have his favourite sandwich for lunch, and was offered a Cornish pasty. He refused at first but eventually ate it ... He then ordered 700 more pasties for cast and crew... now. Was this because he enjoyed his pasty so much or was it a case of "if I have to eat one of these bloody monsters, so will you."

We had a very relaxing, mixed weather, chilling and eating lovely food sort of holiday, seeing old  friends and visiting relatives who are lucky enough to live in Cornwall. My cousin Anne has the most amazing house which overlooks Porthmeor Beach and is just 800 metres away from the Tate. Will be down there later painting from her garden.

I'm back from Cornwall now and busy finishing work off and preparing for this weekends 'Art in the Gardens' at  Sheffields Botanical Gardens. 3 -4th September 10.30 - 5.30 each day. Hope to see you there. :-) The preview is Friday 2nd September at 6.30pm.
Here are some of the   8 x 8 inch paintings I did  when it wasn't raining. They will be on sale next weekend.