Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Travels and Demos

Deliveries to  Jack Sevens Art Yard , OCG , Gallery 55 , No Naked Walls and Calder Gallery aswell as Demos at St Judes Art Group, Chesterfield Art Group and Ashby Art Group have kept me rather busy these past two weeks. I can now relax a bit and get stuck into some painting. I am now resigned to the fact that I need to wear 'Derma Shield' barrier cream and/ or latex surgical gloves if I am to avoid what I think is a bad case of contact dermatitis. (still have to be patch tested at the hospital to make it official)

Heres a few pics of the Demo for the lovely people at Chesterfield Art Group.  

nb I forgot to take my gloves that evening and paid for it the next day. :-( 



Saturday, 6 October 2012

Visit to OCG (Old Courthouse Gallery) in Ambleside

I set off for Ambleside  with my assistant Jessie at 8.15 after an hours walk around Carr Vale Nature Reserve. (if you know Carr Vale you will see the humour in that) I am sure there will be a Moss Side Country Park one day. ;-)

We had an interesting drive over Saddleworth Moor... some amazing skies that I wanted to paint.... and its oh soooooo eeeeerie up there. We had a quick walk around Ambleside before going to the gallery to swap  paintings around. Its always a good feeling when I bring fewer back  than I took .... and even less this time as Andrew decided to keep 4 large seascapes that he is still confident will sell. Crossed fingers here.... 

OCG always like to be seasonal and had asked for Autumn and winter.... Here is a selection of what I took....

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Deliver Paintings to Macclesfield

Just had a lovely morning delivering some more work to Jack Sevens Art Yard Gallery in Macclesfield.
This Gallery/Art Cafe is well worth a visit if you find yourself in Macclesfield. As well as having some stunning paintings on the wall. The coffee and cakes are to die for... ;-)

Curbar Light

Teggs Nose to Macclesfield

Teggs Nose

Owler Tor

Autumn Heather

The sun was shining, so on the return journey,  Jessie, my assistant  asked  to go for a walk in Teggs Nose Country Park... We both enjoyed the walk which was cut short because I slipped over and landed in a VERY wet muddy puddle.  (forgot to pack my walking boots) my Converse boots not providing enough grip as we scrambled down the muddy path. 


Teggs Nose Country Park

Saw this Rose placed on the fence.
Who? Why?  It must have just been placed there. It hadn't even started  to wilt!!

I was frustrated because for once  I didn't have my paints or even a sketch book with me... 
I'll be back. ;-) 

Discovered the Panorama facilty on my Iphone.

Monday, 1 October 2012

A busy September.

I had a brilliant start to September at Art in the Gardens on the first weekend. After that I nipped down to Cornwall for a couple of days to swap work at the Jane Adams Gallery in St Just.  I couldn't be bothered to erect my tent for just one night so I slept in the back of my Audi Estate (being only
5'4" * has its advantages) It was wonderful waking up on the Friday morning and looking across Priests Cove to The Brisons and Lands End.

* I used to be 5'5 1/2 but am shrinking with old age...

Slept in car over looking Priests Cove which is one of my favourite places to paint.
Reflective Light

Priest Cove to Lands End

The Brisons
Looks like Charles de-Gaulle in the Bath.

After leaving Jane Adams gallery, I had a lovely drive over to Falmouth via The Tinners Way, my favourite 11 miles of Cornish Coast Road.  Did a few galleries, had a pint of Tribute, a Pasty and then Chilled for  4 hours  on 'Gilly' Beach before going to kurt Jacksons preview at Lemon Street Gallery and then home to Derbyshire.

The following weekend took up The Melbourne Festival. Although I am sure the Festival as a whole was a great success, my 'spot' was up a steep flight of stairs in a Photographers studio. While meeting a good number of 'art lovers' and making many new contacts regarding workshops and demos, sales were a reflection of the current recession.   I was told it's the luck of the draw where artists are located.. I shared a room with Chris Challoner, (Automata Artist)  who after many hours of exchanging life storys almost felt like a lifetime friend.

My spot in the Melbourne Festival.
I was in someones kitchen 

 The second part of the month has been busy with painting, trying to catch up on my enforced layoff due to an allergic reaction to acrylic inks. Until this is fully sorted I am now wearing latex surgical gloves while I work.... not my ideal  but it allows me to work without making my hands worse.

I am currently working on a body of work to be shown at The Lyndurst Gallery in the New Forest in December. Most of this work will be on paper and produced en plein air

Whitley Spring

Whitley Winterwood

 and also lots of new work that will go into various galleries around the country as well as The Windsor Art Fair on 9th - 11th November.  

Towards Falmouth Bay

Surf on the Rocks

Surf Study

Storm Approaches

Come the Autumn

Towards the Edge