Friday, 8 March 2013

January to March

MMMmmm ? I seem to be a bit behind on keeping my Blog. So much for a new years resolution to keep  an up top date Blog....

Im not sure who can gain access to this Blog now as I am having problems with my Website

If you type the address into the web browser, then it works ok. However for anyone who does a Google search for me, then the link that comes up will take you to lots of other sites to get  a loan to buy sack loads of Viagra while applying for Compensation 'cos you were mis sold a PPP'

This year seems to be flying by already and I feel I have only just caught up with myself... On the painting front I was forced to slow down because of major problems with contact dermatitis.  Having realised I am also allergic to latex gloves as well as  acrylic inks and paint, I am now wearing  blue vinyl gloves which seem to be helping, along with copious amounts of steroid ointment and Epaderm... Enough about my hands which are now MUCH better.

I have already done workshops with Ashby and Tamworth  Art Groups and had a great time with both groups of enthusiastic artists. Last week I was delivering work to the lovely Lyndhurst Gallery on the edge of the New Forest ad Harrison Lord Gallery at Brighouse. This week (its now 8th March) I have delivered work to No Naked Walls in Surrey and Gallery 55 in Hampshire as well as doing a Demo to an art group in Wolverhampton. All  made easier because I have now got my new 'Art Bus' named Scarlett (for obvious reasons) For anyone into VW's its a VW Transporter T5 t28 104psi... Yes I have become a 'Vanarack'.


I am now going back into the studio for a few days before doing another Demo in Buxton on Monday and delivery to OCG in Ambleside on Tuesday... 

Got lots to do now as I have picked up three  commissions in the past few days and also need to get lots of new stuff ready for  Reading Art Fair at the end of April and two shows at Leabrooks Gallery in Somercotes throughout May and Ferrers Gallery Nr Ashby from May to September. 

Heres just a few of the new paintings delivered recently. 

Path thro Buebells going to OCG

Moorland Heather went to Harrison Lord

Lakeland Light for OCG

Fairy Light at Lyndhurst
Woodland Blue to Lyndhurst 
Loch Eribold for OCG

This is MY Wood. Lyndhurst Gallery
Late Autumn at Harrison Lord Gallery