Thursday, 13 February 2014

This year is flying by.

Hello everyone. I can't believe we are half way through February and I haven't filled my Blog in yet.
I had a December/January studio sale which I am pleased to say went really well with 19 paintings all going to new homes in various parts of the UK.  (Message to other artists, be careful how much you say your work is worth when sending it to Jersey. Poor customer had to pay £30 import Duty on a £500 painting.)
I digress. Yes the Studio clearance sale was worth doing as it gave many art lovers the opportunity to grab a bargain and also create a bit of space (which has now been filled) for new work.

I have been VERY busy since Christmas. Lyndhurst Gallery have asked for 12 paintings for their end of May Spring show but then  asked for 12 paintings including a commission which I delivered yesterday (12th Feb)

OCG in Ambleside have decided to cheer people up by having some 'Spring' paintings in February. So these have been completed and will be delivered next week.

 I am also producing work for a Solo show in April at The Calder Gallery, Hebden Bridge and a solo show at Loughborogh Sock Gallery in June.

For solo show at Calder Gallery.

MMMmmmm and isn't it Reading Art Fair at the end of April too? Think I had better start burning the midnight oil and move my bed into my studio.. lol

I have already done several Demos this year with more Demos and workshops booked throughout the year. As well as visiting art groups to do workshops, I am also running 3 x 2 day courses based at St Johns Street Gallery in Ashbourne. (see my website for details)

DEMO painting mostly  produced at Dinnington Art Society.

Finally, I would just like to say how pleased I am with the effects of the Alkaline Diet I have been on since 24th August 2013. The problems I was having with my hands (contact dermatitis)  has almost cleared up and I am able to use acrylic paint again so long as I use a good barrier cream and wash paint or inks off as often as possible. I have also lost 20lbs in weight and feel MUCH healthier.

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