Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Wow... I just clicked a few buttons and hey presto, I have set up a blog... I only sat down at the computer this morning to search for a chain saw on eBay and look what's happened. Oh well, I may aswell  have a go at 'Blogging' as its seems a pretty logical time to start. ie. I recently retired from art teaching and am now painting full time. I have also just moved house and into a brand new Studio...  New beginnings and all that. ;-) I have no idea if anyone will bother to read this of course, as in the whole scheme of things, I am pretty much unknown as an artist. In fact, I question if I am an artist at all.... To quote Lowry... "I am not an artist, I am just a man who paints"
IF you are one of the few people who MAY read this Blog, I apologise now if i get things wrong while producing this blog.... I am  a 'novice little blogger' you might say... learning as I go along. Isn't that what we all do throughout life.?
I have uploaded some of the woodland studies I did in my sketchbook. I will use these, together with other sketches and photos to produce a body of work which will be exhibited some time next year... 
Welcome !


  1. I am sure you will a 'right little blogger' now you are started. ;-)

  2. brave you "blogging" must have a go myself I am a big fan of your art John love it Regards Linda Tennant

  3. I'm glad that someone else has decided to start blogging because it was the "logical time to start" because sometimes it is only logical.